Sparrow: Clinton just getting started . . . as he writes calypso about Trump


THE MIGHTY Sparrow, real name Slinger Francisco, is eagerly awaiting the next two debates between US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Sparrow, 81, who is working on a new calypso about Trump, last week praised Clinton’s performance as better than Trump’s but warned Clinton was not yet done with the Republican candidate.

Asked who he felt the winner of Monday night’s debate between the two candidates was, Sparrow laughed. He had endorsed Clinton in April.

“You have to be joking,” he told Newsday in an interview with André Bagoo from Queens, New York. “It’s obvious.

He was good. But where there is good there is better and where there is better there is best and knowing Clinton as I do, she has not started to get down on him yet.” On the new calypso he is working on, Sparrow said, “I am in the middle of it. I am waiting for the next two debates. I don’t want to miss out anything.

I have started putting together something already. You know how that goes. Calypsonians like me don’t like to let things like this pass easy so. We always have to opine.” He praised Bernie Saunders for endorsing Clinton. “Bernie is a brilliant guy,” the eight-time Calypso Monarch said.

While in recent years Sparrow has been fighting health problems, he showed no sign of that yesterday.

“Matters are confabulating rather bodaciously,” he said.

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