New Book: “La hoja del mar (:) Efecto archipiélago I”


Our congratulations to Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia for his most recent book—La hoja del mar (:) Efecto archipiélago I (Leiden: Almenara, 2016). This new book of essays is the first part of a two-part study on Caribbean literature.

Description: The archipelago effect is simultaneously an attribute of the object of study and the subject who writes, of landscape and body, of the land and waters inscribed in certain literary bodies. What this archipelago creates involves a condition of text and image, a sensoriality that incorporates the “outside” and rarefies the certainties of the perimeter, the authenticity of the “inside.” Among critical works and literary essays, La hoja de mar articulates a metaphorical theory to the uniqueness of the Caribbean image while considering the ways in which the archipelago generates its effect on Caribbean literature.

Juan Carlos Quintero Herencia (Santurce, 1963) has published poetry collections such La caja negra (1996), El hilo para el marisco, and Cuaderno de los envíos (2002), Libro del sigiloso (2012), and El cuerpo del milagro (2016). He is also author of  Fulguración del espacio: Letras e imaginario institucional de la Revolución cubana 1960-1971 (2002, winner of the Ibero-American Award of the Latin American Studies Association) and La máquina de la salsa: Tránsitos del sabor (2005).

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