Introducing the Houston Afro Creole Music Festival- It’s a Caribbean, African, American Ting!


Come October 1st and 2nd, the city of Houston, Texas will host the inaugural Houston Afro-Creole Music Festival, which promises to appeal to the city’s diverse population.

The Afro Creole Fest will take place at the Hobby Event Center on Saturday October 1st, 2016 and will feature a mélange of creole sounds from the Caribbean islands of Dominica and St. Lucia, American Zydeco Bands and African, Hip-Hop and Soca Genres via a host of DJs from around the Region.

According to event organizer Jon Glen Bannis, the idea for the festival came about due to a lack of representation of Creole culture in Houston events.

“We come from an Afro-Caribbean and Francophone background, so our music has influences of French and African culture. Apart from our Independence activities which caters to Dominicans and our invited guests, we do not see much creole music on large events here in Houston. Though this is the first year we hope that over time we can bring together a great mix of African, Caribbean and American sounds that truly represent the colorful Houston Community.

The Dominica-based acts carded for the show are calypsonians Sye and Hunter. Their St. Lucian counterpart Invader will also perform. Other performers include Louisiana’s Hustlers Brass band, Fred Platinum Zydeco Band as well as the Impande African dance troupe of Houston.

The lineup will also include two Houston-based bands the Galaxy Band and the Contagious Band made up of a cross-section of Caribbean heritage musicians and Houston-based DJs DJ Danny Boy, DJ Norro and DJ Omega who share Dominican roots.  Also on the lineup is Houston’s and DJ Iceman Ike. The show will be hosted by Dominican media personality Matt Peltier and St. Lucian comedian Carlton “Cokes” Cyril.


On Sunday October 2nd, the festivities move to Baytown TX, a coastal community with a large Caribbean population, about an hour’s drive from Houston.  Dubbed “Creole on the Ranch” the event will take place at Diamond Ranch and will feature Contagious Band and Baytown DJs to include DJ Butch and, DJ Baby Cham who will be repping hard for St. Lucia and DJ Cruzan of St. Croix.

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Conceptualized by four Houston residents from the Caribbean island of Dominica, the Houston Afro Creole Music Festival aims to showcase the music of Dominica highlighting its Creole and African influence.  The event will also highlight music from other Creole and African influenced genres as well as food, art and dance from around the Diaspora.

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