New Books: Lyonel Trouillot’s “Le miroir d’Anabelle”


Lyonel Trouillot’s latest short story collection Le miroir d’Anabelle et autres récits  [Anabelle’s Mirror and other stories] was published in June 2016 by Caraibeditions.

Description (from Potomitan): For Lyonel Trouillot, we can know “only moments” of the other. Abandoning the craft of novel to dedicate to a story collection, Trouillot, as novella writer, deploys his prose, with beautiful and amazing mastery, to describe as many fragments of life where, on some pages, by seizing a certain crucial event, he spirals into the depths of a soul, and exalting certain details, he suddenly unveils the reality of a being.

Thus, in “Petites finales,” we read the jaded ruminations of a terribly human devil who, on the occasion of a mediocre football match, casts a bleak look at an embittered man, who is kept alive only by the sad passion of resentment.

In “Casa Blanca,” a chaste and old professor, faithful to Baudelaire and to the same prostitute, suddenly sees his consistency rewarded.

“L’ode, la femme et l’armateur” recalls the imperious reign of dream on reality, and its irrepressible call to flee elsewhere.

In “Fait divers sur écran noir,” the fragmentation of the text takes a hyperbolic turn, and the author shoulders the risk of the madness of his character, who opts for his cinematic dream in lieu of his misfortune.

It is this same fragmentary character that the letter constituting “Le miroir d’Anabelle” stages, through the passionate and frantic words of one who, alienated, destroyed by alcohol, and fallen, knows he has irrevocably lost his beloved…

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