A Shout Out to St Lucia’s KiddiCrew Theater Company!


November 3rd and 4th 2016 at the National Cultural Centre, 8pm.

This is such a lovely project!!

From their facebook page:

The name KiddiCrew has become synonymous in St. Lucia with a variety of programmes for children`s development. From 2002 until 2012, a television programme for children by children titled “KiddiCrew.com” was aired on local and regional television stations. During that same time, a very popular vacation programme “KiddiCrew Summer Fun” was hosted as well as “KiddiCrew Travel Club”, where kids learned about their country St. Lucia and other countries of the region through tours and travel; “KiddiCrew Theatre” was formed to continue the Folk Research Centre initiated revival of St. Lucia`s traditional masquerade by producing a December Masquerade street parade; the mission continues with the management of “Project Masq` Camp” since 2010 – working with primary schools in workshops that culminate in a parade on December 13th annually.

Recognizing that there are at least two generations who are not aware of the works of one of St. Lucia`s cultural icons, Roderick Walcott, (twin brother of Honourable Derek Walcott, St. Lucia`s Nobel Laureate in Literature), who wrote musicals that encompassed our cultural landscape, and participated in so many cultural activities from the 1950s to the 1970`s, KiddiCrew Theatre has embarked on a mission to bring his work back to stage, by producing one play a year for the next five years featuring children from 8-17 years. This has got the blessing of the Walcott family, the music writer, UWI Open Campus and the Cultural Development Foundation; the first production is slated for August this year at the behest of the Cultural Development Foundation as part of their Summer of the Arts programme. It will be repeated in November which is the Theatre`s season for the “Celebration of Roderick Walcott – the Man and his Mas`”.

If you woulld ike to reach them, they can be emailed at kiddicrew@yahoo.com

Thanks to Robert Lee for bringing this to our attention.

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