CfP/Going Beyond the Literary: Methods for Caribbean Interdisciplinarity


“Going Beyond the Literary: Methods for Caribbean Interdisciplinarity”
Join the conversation at this seminar at the ACLA in July 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Submissions are due on September 23rd.
This seminar invites contributions from Caribbeanist scholars whose work has gone beyond analyses of literature to the ethnographic, linguistic, historical, artistic, performance, or spiritual. 
From Cabrera-Infante to Schwarz-Bart to Lovelace, Caribbean literature is rarely limited to textual referentiality. It is inspired in the the Caribbean environment, invents forms for political activism and dissent, is influenced by local and ancestral cultural and spiritual forms, and references visual and sonic tropes of creativity; the literary scholar of the Caribbean must often demonstrate (inter)disciplinary agility in criticism that can engage the ubiquitous extra-literary aspects of Caribbean writing.   
Developing new interdisciplinary vocabularies is essential for thinkers whose critical lens must go beyond the textual (to the oral, the embodied, the visual, the historical, the spiritual and the cultural) or beyond the literary, to local modes of historiography, philosophy, theology, linguistics, or theory. Furthermore, literature from the global south is frequently received as ethnographic exposés into the “other” of the Western discursive center, and its aesthetic value denied. Scholars writing in postcolonial contexts must thus devise and describe new epistemologies, new language, new methodologies, and new models in order to account for the interdisciplinarity essential to a robust Caribbean studies, all while doing justice to the aesthetics of the Caribbean literary.
To that end, in the tradition of Sylvia Wynter, Edouard Glissant, and Rita Indiana, this seminar seeks submissions from literary scholars who have sought new ways to talk about Caribbean discourse as the tools of the literary are brought to bear in Caribbean art history, sociolinguistics, performance studies, ethnography, and theology. 
Contact: Dr. Kavita Singh:
Additional information on ACLA submissions can be found here:

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