Cut down a tree, go to jail, Dominican (Republic) leader warns

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President Danilo Medina on Sunday made another surprise visit to the interior, this time to farmers and villagers of the town Sabaneta, where he warned them to “save the mountains, because if not, there will be no water,” Dominican Today reports.

The inhabitants reacted with surprise at Medina’s warning, who stressed the importance of reforesting the hills that supplies water to the Sabaneta dam.

It’s Medina second stern warning against deforestation in as many weeks, after last Sunday’s call to the residents of Juan Santiago to save their mountains.

Cut down a tree, go to jail

The president said once the reforestation project is approved and enforcement starts, deforestation cannot continue and again warned that the practice faces serious punishment, “because after we get into the project, anyone who cuts down there, I’ll put them in jail.”

While flying over the hills that supply water to the Sabaneta dam, Medina spoke with some local farmers to incorporate them to the reforestation and production plan, which includes a subsidy for the families which will work in the project.

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