Grand Turk resident raises funds for abandoned animals


Although I am not one to post “feel-good” stories, I stand in admiration of people who embark on commendable causes like this one. In Turks and Caicos, Michael Fenimore, a Grand Turk resident, has raised over $2,000 towards building an animal sanctuary in North Wells for abandoned horses, donkeys and mules of the nation’s capital.

This initiative falls under the TCI’s Animal Welfare and Rescue Effort (TCI AWARE), a non-profit organization formed by Fenimore. Fenimore explained to the TC Weekly Newspaper that he was concerned about the state of these animals, because they were experiencing a lack of food, fresh water and also proper medical attention. His objective was to raise $75,000 to build this sanctuary, where these animals could get fresh water, food and receive free medical care.

He said: “North Wells is an animal ancestral watering home. We will construct a secured feed-storage building surrounded by several shaded feeding and drinking huts where the animals can come eat hay, drink clean fresh water and receive medical attention for any injuries or illnesses. The facility will be manned and operated twenty-four hours, seven days a week, by dedicated staff and all activities can be monitored on our website, via a live CCTV camera feed. The animals are allowed to come and go freely. One of the key benefits is simultaneously alleviating the nuisance that the animals cause to the human population. Often they are walking around thirsty, looking for something to drink, so they would burst a water pipe.”

Fenimore explained that there was still no commencing date, as he was still waiting to raise at least half of the budgeted amount, in order to build in phases, and also to have a ground-breaking. [. . .]

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For more details about this project, potential supporters visit Fenimore’s Facebook page:

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