New Haitian Studies Institute at Brooklyn College


Brooklyn College-City University of New York (CUNY) officially welcomed internationally-noted scholar and author Dr. Jean Eddy Saint Paul as the founding director of the new CUNY Haitian Studies Institute (CUNY-HSI).

Brooklyn College, which will host the institute, said CUNY-HSI will be “a leading institute in the nation, contributing to the body of knowledge about Haitians and the Haitian Diaspora, and advancing the intellectual field of Haitian Studies through research, analysis of public policy, and scholarly practice impacting people of Haitian origin in New York State and other parts of the Haitian Diaspora.”

“I am pleased to welcome scholar Jean Eddy Saint Paul to our community,” said Brooklyn College President Dr. Michelle J. Anderson at a reception on the college’s Flatbush, Brooklyn campus last Wednesday. “Brooklyn is home to the largest number of foreign-born Haitians in New York City, and the largest concentration of Haitian-owned businesses and community-based organizations in New York State. Dr. Saint Paul’s experience and knowledge will help him make the Haitian Studies Institute at Brooklyn College a global intellectual center.”

Brooklyn College said Saint Paul, who hails from Haiti, is the author of The Militias in Haiti: Sociology of Chimè and Tontons Macoutes, in addition to dozens of articles and book chapters.

His broad-ranging scholarship encompasses such topics as state and social policies; democracy, civil society, the politics of memory, and citizenship in Haiti and the Caribbean; religious pluralism and democracy; and sociology of crime and violence in the Haitian State, Brooklyn College said. [. . .]

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