Calypso Blue begins Tour de Turtles marathon in the Gulf of Mexico 


Atlantis, Paradise Island (The Bahamas) is sponsoring the tracking of leatherback turtles in a type of marathon—the Causes Challenge—to bring awareness of the threats that sea turtles face in the wild. The tracking process has been dubbed the Tour de Turtles marathon. On Monday, August 1, Calypso Blue V, the Atlantis-sponsored Leatherback turtle began its journey. Atlantis is sponsoring Calypso Blue V as part of its continued support of marine conservation efforts through the Blue Project.

Started in 2008 by Sea Turtle Conservancy, the Tour de Turtles event follows the migration of participating sea turtles in real time using satellite telemetry. This year four endangered species of sea turtles – loggerhead, leatherback, hawksbill, and green – are being tracked for some three months from their nesting beaches to their foraging grounds.

The annual marathon is, according to Sea Turtle Conservancy, meant to be a fun and educational journey through the science, research and geography of sea turtles. It also helps to bring awareness to many of the threats that sea turtles face in the wild through the Causes Challenge. Like her predecessors, Calypso Blue V has also taken up the Causes Challenge and her marathon participation is helping to bring awareness to the impacts of commercial trawl fisheries on sea turtles.

[. . .] Atlantis’s Calypso Blue I, Calypso Blue II, and Calypso Blue IV all won the marathon! Can Calypso Blue V be our fourth winner in five years? Race along with her and learn more at

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