New Book: Rodrigo Blanco Calderón’s “The Night”


The Night (2016) is a new book by Venezuelan author Rodrigo Blanco Calderón. He was the winner of the Rive Gauche à Paris Award for the French translation of the novel, which was published this year by Gallimard in France, after having been published by Alfaguara in Spain and Madera Fina in Venezuela.

Description: A fable about Venezuela today, by Rodrigo Blanco Calderón, an author who has been a revelation in Latin American literature of the recent years.

“I am convinced that all evil in the world begins in them. In words.”

Caracas 2010. The energy crisis is used by the revolutionary government to enact power outages that, for hours, melt the country into black. In these periods of time, Venezuela seems to go back in history to a new Stone Age that seeps through all the cracks. In the midst of this atmosphere, two friends, a frustrated writer and a psychiatrist, are involved in the lives of their patients and talk about a series of crimes in the last year.

Pedro Alamo, one of the characters in this polyphonic novel, searches obsessively through word games—words that his admired Dario Lancini creates and dreams about—the key to understanding the deranged world in which he lives. As if he were seeking to turn reality into something different by changing the order of the elements that form it, thus trying to find its exact meaning. [. . .]

rodrigo_blanco_gana_premio_rive_gauche_640-714x1024Rodrigo Blanco Calderón is also author of three collections of short stories: Una larga fila de hombres, Los invencibles, and Las rayas. Blanco Calderón participated in the 2007 Hay Festival Bogota as one of “Latin America’s 39 Most Exciting Authors Under 39.” He is the founder of the publishing house and bookstore Lugar Común, and he teaches literature at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

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