Viengsay Valdés in Vietnam


Prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba, Viengsay Valdés and fellow dancer Patricio Revé arrived in Vietnam on a rainy day with great storm forecasts. However, both went directly to the rehearsal rooms of the Academy of Dance in Hanoi, to get back in shape after their long flight from Havana. Both dancers have been performing and touring the country. In spite of heavy rains and typhoon warnings of the dancers performed to a packed audience who defied the weather and flocked to the Hanoi Workers’ Theater. The huge audience was held in complete silence, captivated by Valdés and Revé’s “sublime and versatile dancing” in The Dying Swan.

Viengsay, whose name means Victory in Laos, also offered a master class to students and teachers at the Hanoi Dance Academy, where everyone appreciated the talent and elegance of one of the leading exponents of world dance.

Based on original article (in Spanish); see

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