“La Campechada” to be dedicated to Elizam Escobar


El Nuevo Día announced that the arts festival La Campechada, to be held on October 22 and 23, 2016, will be dedicated to artist Elizam Escobar. This sixth edition of La Campechada is organized by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture [Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (ICP)]. The article includes a full call for submissions. [Thanks to Teo Freytes for sharing this article.]

Puerto Rican artist Elizam Escobar will be recognized in the sixth edition of La Campechada, which will be dedicated to him. The event, organized by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP), will be held on 22 and 23 October, in Old San Juan, with a series of activities to honor the artistic trajectory of this painter, poet and art professor.

Born in Ponce, Escobar earned his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Puerto Rico in 1973 and continued his studies at City University of New York, as seen from the artist’s biography, published by the Puerto Rico Museum of Art (MAPR). Member of a Puerto Rican underground movement fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico, Escobar was sentenced to prison in 1980 by the US government, charged with seditious conspiracy. He was imprisoned for 19 years, being released in 1999.

Upon his return to Puerto Rico, Escobar began working as a professor at the School of Visual Arts and Design Puerto Rico, Old San Juan, teaching a whole generation of artists. According to the data from the MAPR biography, Escobar’s work raises issues of human communication, the phenomenon of the painter as an observer (or not) of reality, and contemporary marginalization and isolation.

For full article (in Spanish), see http://www.elnuevodia.com/entretenimiento/cultura/nota/dedicaranlacampechadaalartistaelizamescobar-2227425/

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