Becoming King of the Lionfish to Save the Ocean


Chris Fuhrmeister features the video Becoming King of the Lionfish to Save the Ocean [YouTube] to explain “Why You Should Be Fishing for More Lionfish.” The film is about professional diver John McCain, who will compete to become “King of the Lionfish” for a good cause.

[. . .] This video from Great Big Story explains why everyone should be fishing and eating as much lionfish as possible.

“Because they reproduce at such a high rate and have zero predators, they are currently taking over the waters here,” John McCain, a professional diver and fisherman, says in the video. “Lionfish eat basically everything that we eat, which includes crabs, lobsters, grouper, flounder, anything — you name it, they’re game.”

Lionfish has a mild flavor and flaky texture. While the best way to catch them is by spearfishing — a controversial method for some — McCain says the benefits of bagging as many as possible far outweigh any negative connotations associated with that type of fishing. “This is just not about spearfishing,” he says. “It’s about taking care of our ecosystem and making sure everything stays balanced.”

For full article and video, see

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