Habanarte 2016


In “Habanarte Returns with Musical Innovations,” Maya Quiroga describes the next Habanarte Festival, to be held in the Cuban capital from September 8 through 18, 2016. A new feature will be the celebration of the international music forum Primera Línea. See more details below.

Under the slogan Todo el arte de una vez (All art in one go) the Habanarte Festival is returning. It is an event that on this occasion will have beginning artists as the main protagonists. This is demonstrated by young violinist William Roblejo, who received the Jojazz Award 2010 and is the author of Capitalia, the new musical theme that will mark the sound identity of Habanarte.

[. . .] Without doubt, the great piece of news of Habanarte will be the celebration in Cuba of the first international music forum Primera Línea, which will be sponsored by the WOMEX circuit, a company that, since 1994, has been organizing prestigious international fairs in Europe and in some Asian and African countries. The musical event will be held from September 14 through 17 in the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso (GTH), also with the sponsorship of the record companies BisMusic and EGREM.

As explained by Antonio Martínez, a member of the organizing committee of Primera Línea, during the event there will be showcases, lectures and exhibitions of musical products and services. Although this first edition will become a platform for exchange for the international promotion of Cuban music, the presence of international participants, especially from the Caribbean, is foreseen for future events.

[. . .] Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, director of image and communication at EGREM, pointed out this is an event for professionals, programmers and managers aimed at searching out Cuban talent but within cultural institutions. In this regard, thirty artistic units will present themselves in an audition whose national jury consists of maestro Adalberto Álvarez, art critic Pedro de la Hoz and Carol Fernández, managing director of the record company Colibrí. Meanwhile, the international jury is made up of Antonio Martínez and Cristín Sambá. The fifteen bands that reach the final will be able to participate in showcases at GTH’s Alejo Carpentier Hall.

The Habanarte Festival will open its doors with a deluxe performance by the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in the Gran Teatro de La Habana. On that same stage one will be able to see the piece Welcome, which will greet delegates of the event. This is the latest premiere by the DanzAbierta company, which has a new line-up of young dancers. Beginning visual artist Mabel Poblet will be in charge of the scenography and the music was especially composed by Aldito López-Gavilán.

Stages in the capital city such as Teatro del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and Teatro Martí will welcome concerts by international artists such as Spanish troubadour Alberto Alcalá, who will sing as a duet with Adrián Berazaín.

The program of Habanarte includes seeing heritage sights in the municipality of Guanabacoa – the cradle of Rita Montaner, Ernesto Lecuona and Bola de Nieve – sponsored by the National Council for Cultural Heritage. There will also be an exhibition of visual arts dedicated to youth at the Center for Visual Arts Development, among many other offers.

For full article, see http://www.cubanow.net/articles/habanarte-returns-musical-innovations

For more information in Spanish, see http://laventana.casa.cult.cu/noticias/2016/06/17/habanarte-2016-en-primera-linea-con-la-musica-cubana/

Also see http://www.habanarte.com/

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