Puerto Rico: St. Regis Resort partners with Walter Otero Contemporary Art in “Art Visionary Program”


According to Luxury Living International, “as the only AAA Five Diamond beach resort in Puerto Rico, the St. Regis is keen on displaying nothing but the country’s natural beauty.” The St. Regis Bahia Beach has partnered with Walter Otero Contemporary Art to introduce the “Art Visionary Program”– inviting the country’s top artists to create and exhibit their art at the resort. The company stresses that this is their effort “to enhance the beauty of the resort and promote Puerto Rican culture.” The article states that artists will have three months to create their works of art at the hotel. Some of the artists mentioned are Arnaldo Roche (whose work “El Viaje esperado” is located in the St. Regis Bar), José “Jun” Martínez, Ricardo Morales Hernández, and William Maldonado.

Its commitment to Puerto Rican art and to maintaining the country’s history alive is what inspired the resort to commence on the project. The resort already boasts magnificent pieces such as the “El Viaje esperado” by Arnaldo Roche located in the St. Regis Bar. Its natural beauty is what really captivates those who enter St. Regis Beach Resort: along the property’s 20 acres there are endless ocean views, pristine lakes filled with life, and close views of the majestic but mysterious tropical rain forest, El Yunque. The artists will soak up the landscape and have no trouble finding inspiration for their unique works.

The program is the brainchild of young emerging artist Jose “Jun” Martinez who has been exhibiting since 2014. His work concerns the natural world and mostly focuses on landscapes as the main subject. He references the work of the impressionists and post-impressionists as well as current tendencies in painting. “My practice in painting has to do with an intense interest of feeling and knowing the world that surrounds me, with all its tensions and balances.” says Martinez regarding what his paintings reflect. He has exhibited in All Things New, Walter Otero Contemporary Art 2016, Artejangueo in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico 2016. He also participated in the XVI edition of the Muestra Nacional, an exhibition by the Culture Institute of Puerto Rico 2015, along with a few others.

Among the other invited artists is Ricardo Morales Hernandez, who is known for his paradisiac imagery evoking musical notations and reminiscent of the natural ecosystem of the island of Puerto Rico. The message that comes across in his work is reflection of his lifestyle, personal image and his spiritual relationship. “My work must provide the drama of experiencing the here and now and the manifestation of paradise,” adds Morales, “I believe that in the work of all artists is this very same message.”

The art that is developed at St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort seeks to capture not only its beautiful landscapes but the form and vision of the life of the men and women that live in the 21st century. “We look to promote Puerto Rican art, create a legacy, and help the artistic community to keep growing and exhibiting,” comments Domingo Velasco, Director of Sales and Marketing for St. Regis Bahia Beach.

Artists will have three months to create their works of art at the hotel and a gala will follow for art lovers to admire the masterpieces. The displayed exhibitions will be available for purchase and a percentage will be donated to the local art community through art schools.

The invited artist are close friends and colleagues, working closely together and even learning from one another. Jose “Jun” Martinez, Ricardo Morales-Hernandez, William Maldonado and Arnaldo Roche Rabell are some of the artists that will be leaving their artistic touch at St. Regis Bahia.

For full article, see http://luxurylivingmag.com/the-st-regis-puerto-ricos-new-art-visionary-program/


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