New Book: “Vieques & Culebra, Treasures of the Puerto Rico Archipelago”


La Tertulia Bookstore recently announced the availability of the book Vieques y Culebra: Tesoros del archipiélago [Vieques & Culebra, Treasures of the Puerto Rico Archipelago; (Impressive Publications, LLC)]. This bilingual edition by photographer Víctor Manuel Nieves was launched in Puerto Rico a few months ago but I just recently saw it on the shelves (should have purchased it last week, when I had the chance; now I’ll have to order it online, which is not as gratifying). Nieves is also author of El Yunque, Mona: Una leyenda entre mar y sol, and Puerto Rico 365º

Description: More than one island, Puerto Rico is an archipelago with an identity shaped by a common history and landscape. Among the group of islands, Vieques and Culebra—located east of the “big island” of Puerto Rico-represent two of its jewels due to the immense value of their natural resources and great historical heritage. Vieques, emerald of the sea, is the island paradise of green mountains, numerous beaches, colorful sunsets and the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay. Culebra is the birthplace of Puerto Rico’s sun, a charming island of white sands and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by cays, islets and reefs, it is in itself a small living archipelago. Two legendary islands, icons of tropical paradises. Their captivating beauty has earned them top spots in various lists of world-class tourist destinations. They also share an ancient history that has endowed them with a unique personality that is revealed in this publication. This book, amply illustrated with stunning photographs by renowned photographer and writer Víctor Manuel Nieves, author of the best-sellers El Yunque, Mona and Puerto Rico 365, is the opportunity to have the essence of these two treasures of the Puerto Rican landscape within your reach to enjoy and share.

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