New Book: Daniel Nina’s “El Club Tanamá”


On Thursday, July 14, 2016, at 7:00pm attorney and professor of law Daniel Nina launched his latest book, El Club Tanamá: La invisibilización del hombre y la mujer negros por el independentismo puertorriqueño [The Tanamá Club: The Invisibility of Black Men and Women in the Puerto Rican Independence Movement]. The event, which included the book presentation and a discussion/debate, took place at Librería Mágica in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description: El Club Tanamá [The Tanamá Club] is one of the best preserved political and cultural treasures on the north coast of Puerto Rico. The club was founded and developed in the town of Canóvanas, where it was promoted by attorney Romualdo Rivera Ricardo Correa—black, like all club members, and a Nationalist, like most of the club members. El Club Tanamá, particularly during the 1940s and 1950s, had two requirements for membership: being black and a Nationalist.

In El Club Tanamá, Daniel Nina explores the destruction of the myth that claims that black men and women of Puerto Rico did not support independence. The book shows how completely different the historical reality was, at least until the death of Pedro Albizu Campos in 1965.

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