David Sánchez Quintet: Carib—Río que recorre el Caribe 

concierto carib

Carib: Río que recorre el Caribe [Carib: River that runs through the Caribbean] is a concert by David Sánchez, which takes place this Sunday, July 10, 2016, at 7:00pm at the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Peter Jordens contributed this post:

This coming Sunday, Tapia Theater in Old San Juan presents the music of the David Sánchez Quintet and special guests. Saxophonist David Sánchez is one of Puerto Rico’s most renowned jazz musicians. He has received a Grammy Award for his Coral album, recorded in Prague with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Sánchez has performed in concerts and festivals around the world; in late April he was part of the International Jazz Day concert at the White House in Washington DC.

This time the saxophonist presents his latest work. Carib: Río que recorre el Caribe: Haití y Borinquen is a concert of original music inspired by the sounds of Haiti and Puerto Rico. Jazz is mixed with bomba and traditional Haitian music.

Sources: http://www.80grados.net/carib-david-sanchez-en-concierto and https://www.facebook.com/events/136190356786889

In an interview (in Spanish) in Diálogo (UPR), available at http://dialogoupr.com/el-consistente-y-combativo-saxofon-de-david-sanchez, Sánchez explains that Carib is “music for the soul and not for the brain. This concept is inspired by two islands with fascinating cultures that, although with different languages and idiosyncrasies, are like the water of a river that runs through the Caribbean with distinct formations but a single course. Two cultures that are forever united by the sonorous and vivid pulse of the drum.”

David Sánchez’s website is http://www.davidsanchezmusic.com.

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