New Book: Chris Dolan’s “Redlegs”

RED LEGS amended 3 (2) (1)

Chris Dolan’s Redlegs—is a historical novel about Scottish migrants in 1830s-60s Barbados—is one of the titles serialized digitally by The Pigeonhole. The description below offers a 15-day digital serialization trial, starting July 20.

Description: Redlegs by Chris Dolan charts the fortunes of Elspeth Baillie, a young Scottish actress enticed to Barbados with the promise of fame, but ends up living on a remote sugar plantation with a community of women, indentured servants far from their native Scotland. As the years go by, Elspeth is left trying to make sense of her own life and youthful ambitions among a shipwrecked people dreaming of home. This is an utterly compelling novel that offers a unique perspective on the history of the poor whites, or ‘redlegs’, of the Caribbean.

At The Pigeonhole, we serialise all out titles in digital instalments straight to a reader’s mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Redlegs will be embellished with interviews, images, links and notes so that you can fully immerse yourself in the world of the book. And author Chris Dolan will be on hand to respond to readers’ in-text questions and comments.

We’d love to invite you to join our 15-day digital serialisation, starting on 20 July. In return, we’ll ask that you leave a Goodreads or Amazon review of Redlegs at the end of the serialisation. All reviewers will receive a free subscription to another Pigeonhole book. The free slots are going fast; claim yours by subscribing at, or let me know if you’d like me to subscribe you.

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