Americans will soon be able to watch Cuban TV from their living rooms

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Nora Gámez Torres (El Nuevo Herald) published an article in In Cuba Today describing efforts to establish a new U.S. channel— CubaMax TV—to transmit programs made in Cuba.

Most Cubans on the island prefer television series and movies made in the USA to escape a state-controlled television system they deem as boring, but one new U.S. channel will become the first totally dedicated to transmitting programs made in Cuba.

CubaMax TV will carry not just programs produced by state TV but also will transmit a broad range of movies and documentaries, many of them created independently by Cubans on the island and around the world, said Miguel Martín López, a representative of Idaobex Living, which acquired the rights to the Cuban content.

The satellite channel, which will transmit 24 hours a day, seeks to be “a window on Cuban culture,” said Alfredo Rodríguez, vice president of DishLatino, which has the exclusive rights to carry the channel starting this week.

CubaMax TV “allows the discovery of all Cuban culture at the level of audiovisuals because, even though people don’t know it, Cuba produces many telenovelas, series for kids and teenagers, and this is a different way to look at Cuba,” Martín told El Nuevo Herald. “It is a culturally open product that crosses borders. It’s not just Cuba but also Miami and any person who wants to [make a program] can do it,” he added, announcing that Cuban artists in Miami already have contacted the channel to provide programs with local content. “That’s also the idea of the channel, and it’s an idea that was very well received because it establishes a bridge between the two cultures.” [. . .]

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