Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) 2016


Yardedge recently announced the 2016 Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) Festival. KOTE is an annual ten-day, multi-venue, non-profit, urban arts festival that supports and promotes positive creative energy in Kingston, Jamaica through artistic exchange and community involvement. This year, the festival runs from June 17 to 26, organized around the theme “Connections.”

Providing a forum outside of traditional spaces, KOTE allows participating artists to express themselves and push the boundaries and definitions of their art.

Each year KOTE embraces an impressive array of visual and performing artists and showcases venues not always thought of as traditional spaces.

The theme this year is “Connections” and will be looking at the contextual relationships in art and the link between cause and effect.

Some of the examples of the connections being explored this year include diversity and artistic exchanges within society through multicultural influences; migration and links to the Diaspora; and the relationship between Jamaica and its neighbors.

Check out for the schedule of events coming soon.

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