Jamaican Pulse: Art and Politics from Jamaica and the Diaspora


Jamaican Pulse will showcase Jamaican art while bringing to the public a broad variety of cultural events from June 25 to September 11, 2016. It is co-curated by Kat Anderson and Graeme Mortimer Evelyn on behalf of the Royal West of England Academy (RWA).

Some of the events include: Kingston Calling: Jamaican Pulse Uncovered; Caribbean Cruisers: Jamaican Elders Song and Dance; Is Jamaica more than Bob Marley? Cultural Appropriation and Popular Culture; Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow: Gypsies’ Picnic: The Veins of Oya was always here; Ballast Seed Boat Tour with Andrea Chung; Jamaican Independence Day: A Weekend of Events at the RWA; and much more.  See links below for full schedule of events.

Description: At a time when Jamaican art is receiving growing international acclaim, Jamaican Pulse showcases the extraordinary diversity of Jamaican art, presenting contemporary artwork alongside key works from Jamaican art history.

While exploring the roots of modern Jamaican art and suggesting new links between past and present, the exhibition also explores the artwork through a political lens and considers how global attitudes to body, gender, religion, class and sexuality have impacted this small island nation. By creating a conversation between the Jamaican Diaspora population across the UK and internationally, Jamaican Pulse looks back at early artistic and political awakening, whilst also creating a platform for contemporary artists.

Many of the contemporary artists in the exhibition also featured in the recent, critically- acclaimed Jamaica Biennale. Their work spans multiple disciplines including painting, sculpture, photography, textiles and moving image, and will be supported by twentieth century artwork from a number of public and private collections, including the Jamaican High Commission, London, and The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston.

Jamaican Pulse will be accompanied by an exciting learning and participation programme, with activities taking place on and off-site, including a satellite programme at The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

For full schedule of events, see http://www.rwa.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/2016/06/jamaican-pulse/

For more details on admissions go to: www.rwa.org.uk/visit-us/admission/

[Image above: Andrea Chung, Anthropocene (detail) 2015, 150 sq ft installation of 80 original cyanotype prints.]

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