Haiti: Launch of reforestation project of La Visite Park

arbres.photo_3321_6703089According to Haiti Libre, on Monday at the Royal Oasis of Pétionville a reforestation project was launched. The “1 Million trees at La Visite Park” [1 Million d’arbres pour La Visite] is an initiative of the organization “Friends of Haiti 2010” and its partners. Through this project and others, Haiti’s Ministry of Environment is committed to produce one million pine seedling of between June 5, 2016 and June 5, 2017.

One million trees at La Visite Park is the first of a series of reforestation projects. June 5, 2016 to June 5, 2017 the Haitian Government through the Ministry of Environment is committed to produce 1 million seedlings of pines (endogenous species to the island). The production of these seedlings will be done on the Park site, with seed harvesting techniques, a method already proven in Haiti.

Once ready, the project will go to planting phase which will last approximately 8 months. Each tree will receive a phosphorescent marker and a GPS point. An International Kombit will be held in the month of August 2017 for the planting. To this end all national and International environmental groups, students and academics, vital organizations in the country, the families of the Diaspora are invited to participate in the reforestation of the La Visite Park.

This project involves a parallel a national awareness campaign, of distribution or sale cheap, of alternative cooking equipment to curb abusive practices of using charcoal and disordered cutting of trees. Remember that each day in Haiti 10,000 bags of charcoal are consumed.

For more information and participate in the reforestation campaign visit the website at www.friendsofhaiti2010.com/
Phone : (509) 3702-4505, (509) 4084-5512, (516) 987-2416
Email : info@foh2010.com

For original article, see http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-17674-haiti-environment-launch-of-reforestation-project-of-the-la-visite-park.html

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