René Depestre, Laureate of Grand Prix SGDL 2016


A report from Haiti Libre.

Friday, the Society of Men Of Letters (Société des Gens De lettres – SGDL) unveiled the laureates of its various Prix. This year, the SGDL Grand Prix of Literature rewarded the poet and Haitian writer René Depestre for all of his work on the occasion of the publication of his latest book “Popa Singer”, published by Editions Zulma especially known for “Hadriana dans tous mes rêves” rewarded by the Prix Renaudot in 1988.

The jury chaired by Corinna Gepner, was composed of authors member of committee : Mohammed Aïssaoui, Gérald Aubert, Christiane Baroche, Jean Claude Bologne, Mathieu Brosseau, Belinda Cannone, Evelyne Châtelain, Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, Sophie Chauveau, Fabrice Colin, Edith de Cornulier, Chantal Danjou, Christophe Deleu, Pierrette Fleutiaux, Françoise Henry, Emmanuelle Heidsieck, Mathias Lair, Dominique Le Brun, Laure Limongi, Véronique Ovaldé, Marie Sellier, Mathieu Simonet, and Carole Zalberg.

Palmares :

  • Grand Prix SGDL of literature for the whole work : René Depestre, Popa Singer (Zulma)
  • Grand prix SGDL of poetry for the whole work : Michel Butor, Ruines d’avenir (Actes Sud/Ville d’Angers)
  • Grand prix SGDL of novel : Monica Sabolo, Crans-Montana (JC Lattès)
  • Grand prix SGDL of the essay : Jean-Claude Guillebaud, Le tourment de la guerre (L’Iconoclaste)
  • Grand prix SGDL of the short story : Gilles Verdet, Fausses routes (Rhubarbe)
  • Prix of poetry Charles Vildrac : Anne-James Chaton, Elle regarde passer les gens (Verticales)
  • Prix Paul Féval : Bénédicte des Mazery, Les oiseaux de passage (Anne Carrière)
  • Grand prix SGDL of the radio drama : Caroline Guilea Nguyen, Antoine Richard, Alexandre Plank, Le Chagrin, Jules and Vincent (France Culture, 2015, 55’)

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