Joanne C. Hillhouse reflects on “Gone to Drift” and our Caribbean environment


In “Reflecting on Gone to Drift & our Caribbean environment,” Joanne C. Hillhouse reviews Diana McCaulay’s latest novel, Gone to Drift, and its environmentalist concerns. See an excerpts below and the full review at Wadadli Pen.

As I neared the end of Gone to Drift, the tug of war between the politics of development and protection of the environment was trending in my own country, Antigua. According to reports from a watchdog group, destruction of mangroves was already in play at the site of a government-sanctioned resort development project. Round two or three for this particular bit of land and sea (which had drawn developer interest and watchdog protests since at least the mid-90s).

The author of the book is Diana McCaulay who, when she’s not busy being an acclaimed Jamaican author, is racing a clock of her own; raising her voice against the short-sighted-ness of destroying the environment indiscriminately in the interest of “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” (McCaulay is founder and CEO of the Jamaica Environmental Trust). Locating her story in the world of the poorest of the poor, she shows an awareness of the realities that would drive men and women to this short-sighted-ness.[. . .]

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