CFP: Caribbean Debates in Brazil’s The Americas Research and Studies Journal

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“The Americas Research and Studies Journal”



Deadline: June 30th 2016

The political and social history of the Caribbean reveals the substantial role of the region in anti-colonial struggles since the 15th century until the present. The region had a decisive participation in World War II, in the decolonization waves of the post-war era and the 20th century tensions between communist Cuba and the United States. Issues like genocide, slavery, migrations, racism, religion and others make the Caribbean a fundamental area of studies for all Latin American studies. This rather small area has an enormous diversity of countries, with different socio-economical developments and its the birthplace of the most important critical thinkers of the subordination lived by all countries of the continent.

The Americas Research and Studies Journal “Revista de Estudos e Pesquisas sobre as Américas” aims with this thematic dossier to open a space for the scientific and interdisciplinary debate about the Caribbean region specifically oriented to its relation with other countries and regions of the Americas. We highly encourage unpublished research that contributes to the theoretical and methodological debate of the continent.

The journal is part of the Graduate and Research Center for the Comparative Studies of the Americas of the Social Sciences Institute at the University of Brasilia. It is indexed (ISSN 1984-1639) in national and international databases like LATINDEX, DOAJ and CAPES. We accept manuscripts in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English.

Questions and articles for the dossier must be sent to or directly uploaded to our electronic portal:

Author and General Submission Rules

Information about bibliographical references, citation norms and author guidelines can be obtained at:

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