Caribbean-themed Call for Papers at SAMLA 88


A post by Peter Jordens.

The deadlines are approaching for submitting abstracts for Caribbean-themed panels at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) Conference, which takes place in Jacksonville, Florida, from November 4 to 6, 2016. The general Conference theme is: “Utopia/Dystopia: Whose Paradise Is It?”

Caribbean-themed panels:

Caribbean Literature for Young Audiences: Intersections, Emergence, Tradition (deadline for submission of abstracts:June 3)

Caribbean Readings of America (deadline: May 30)

Divining (the) Circum-Caribbean South(s) (deadline: June 1)

Haiti Needs New Narratives: Literary and Critical Responses to Persistent ‘Disaster Zone’ Discourse (deadline: May 20)

Identity And Cultural Difference in the Hispanic Caribbean (deadline: June 1)

Productive Entanglements: The “Atlantic World” and “Caribbeanness” (deadline: May 13)

For the full Call for Papers, go to:

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