St. Lucia faces massive water deficit as droughts take a toll on water supply


Saint Lucia faces a 35 percent monthly water deficit – second only to Antigua and Barbuda in terms of water loss in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, TeleSur reports.

It is bad news for a region in the throes of drought.

Authorities in Saint Lucia have been taking a number of measures to address water loss, including the shutting down of the country’s main dam, to repair pipes. Company officials have told the media that there is simply no room for wastage.

“We have to conserve what we are losing,” said Aly Anthony, the Senior Operations Manager of the Water and Sewerage Company.

A recent study put Saint Lucia’s monthly water loss at 77 million imperial gallons per month, or a monthly economic loss of US$1.4 million.

The country’s minister in charge of water supply says a number of water projects are underway, which hope to deliver a safe, consistent supply of water for citizens.

“We are doing a massive water redevelopment in Vieux Fort (in the south), that is costing over US$20 million, that will assure the people there a reliable source of water until the year 2033 … no water constrains development, constrains economic development, affects social development and it is not something that as a government we can be happy until we see every part of the country serviced by a reliable supply of quality water,” said Dr. James Fletcher.


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