Lecture: “Art without Compromise” by Wendy Richmond (Puerto Rico Museum of Art)


[Many thanks to Marta Mabel Pérez for sharing this item.] The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico celebrates the 10th anniversary of PROA (Programa de Asistencia al Artista)—the Assistance Program for Artists—with a lecture by Wendy Richmond, “Arte sin concesiones” [Art without Compromise]. Saturday, May 7, 2016, at 10:00am, at the Multipurpose Room-Department of Education, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico.

In her presentation, Richmond will describe, through their own work, the many factors affecting artists and their creative process. These factors include: the physical space in which we live and work; the technology we use; the culture around us; previous work we have created and forgotten; art that inspires us; relationships with family and friends; and collaborations that help us expand our own vision.

Richmond’s main objective is is to help us identify what we need to make your artwork stronger.

Wendy Richmond is a visual artist, writer and educator whose work explores issues of personal privacy, technology and creativity in contemporary culture. After graduating from Wesleyan University, Richmond began mixing traditional media with new technology at MIT’s Visible Language Workshop/Media Lab and co-founded the Design Lab at WGBH in Boston. She received her Master’s degree at New York University. Her teaching experience includes MIT, International Center of Photography, and Harvard University Graduate School of Educations. Richmond is the recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center residency, a National Endowment for the Arts grant, a LEF Foundation grant, the Hatch Award for Creative Excellence, and numerous art and design awards. She is a contributing editor at Communications Arts magazine; her regular column, “Design Culture”, began in 1984. Richmond is the author of Design & Technology: Erasing the Boundaries, and Overneath, a collaboration of photography and dance. Her new book, Art without Compromise, is published by Allworth Press.

Suggested donation: $20.00 (+IVU) for visual artists and general public; $10.00 (+IVU) students with ID.

The lecture will be delivered in English with simultaneous interpretation available for an additional $5.00.

Please reserve by writing to mmperez@mapr.org or by phone at (787) 977.6277 ext. 2222.

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