Tony Award Nominees React: Lin-Manuel Miranda


The creator of “Hamilton” was nominated for best book of a musical, best original score and best leading actor in a musical. He spoke with Michael Paulson of The New York Times.

Q. “Hamilton” set a record for the most nominations ever this morning. What do you make of that?

A. It’s unbelievable. It’s absolutely humbling and incredible.

Q. Why do you think the show has been received so enthusiastically?

A. I don’t know. When I had the idea, I did say to myself, “I can’t believe no one’s done this yet,” because it felt to me like a good idea – Hamilton’s life was uniquely suited to the things that are my strengths – hip-hop and musical-theater storytelling. What I’m really thrilled about is that the nominators spread the wealth among our amazing troupe of actors and our amazing design team.

Q. What are your hopes and goals for the show going forward?

A. I always think about what Priscilla Lopez said to me during “In the Heights.” She said, “You’re throwing a rock in the pond, and you have no idea the ripples that are going to come back.” I’m grateful for every wave that is going to come back. Teenagers are tweeting at me, “Did you know it’s the anniversary of Yorktown?” Kids are teaching me things. It’s sparked a curiosity, and that’s the incredible gift that keeps on giving.

[ Read NYT’s review of “Hamilton” and an interview with Mr. Miranda ]

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