Ed Umoja and the Piton International Film Festival


The 3rd Piton International Film Festival will take place between August 15 and 21, 2016 in St. Lucia.  Okema ‘Seven’ Gunn (Chicago Now) writes about St. Lucian-born Ed Umoja (Edmund “Umoja” Herman) and his work as founder of the festival. See excerpts here and the full interview in the link below. [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

Edmund “Umoja” Herman has worked in the media industry for several years. Recently, his passion for exposure in film takes him back to his roots in the Caribbean, to draw talent from the community and beyond. The Piton International Film Festival (PIFF) is held in St. Lucia in the Fall. While in its 3rd year, this collaboration of artistry inspires others to join in the celebration, development, and showcase of filmmaking. [. . .]

Why is it important to support Caribbean films, to you?
EU: It is important to support Caribbean films because it provides us with another way to connect to our global family. Caribbean films can help tell the stories of individuals from the African Diaspora.

What is your vision for the Piton International Film Festival (PIFF)?
EU: The vision and purpose of PIFF is threefold. First, PIFF is a family-friendly event that encourages unity within families, giving them an opportunity to watch, discuss, learn, and enjoy films together. Second, PIFF is part of a 12-month initiative that focuses on celebrating, educating, exploring, and understanding the various aspects that are needed in the production of filmmaking. Third, PIFF seeks to create economic and employment opportunities for individuals.

Why is it called Piton International Film Festival (PIFF)?  EU: I was born in St. Lucia. Special landmarks to that island are known as the Piton Mountains, which are located in the southern part of the island.

What are advantages of making films in the Caribbean?
EU: The eastern Caribbean offers filmmakers the opportunity to shoot very diverse scenery in different countries within to close proximity to each other. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.chicagonow.com/seven-gunn-says/2016/04/ed-umoja-and-the-piton-international-film-festival

For more about the 3rd Piton International Film Festival, see http://www.pitonfilmfestival.org

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