Art Exhibition: Cybelle Cartagena Romanacce’s “Tinta en mi piel”


Last Wednesday (April 27) was the opening for the exhibition “Tinta en mi piel” [Ink on my skin] by Puerto Rican artist Cybelle Cartagena Romanacce. The exhibition—which will be on view until June 16, 2016, at the Art Gallery of the Sacred Heart University in Santurce (Ponce de Leon Avenue, Stop 26 ½), Puerto Rico—includes twelve hyperrealist oil paintings on canvas and a video.

Cybelle Cartagena Romanacce studied painting in Florence and Paris and graduated from the Parsons School of Design. She has participated in exhibitions in Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States and her work is included in private collections on the island. Adlín Ríos Rigau, founder and director of the Art Gallery of the Sacred Heart University, says, “Her exquisite technique and mastery of the oil medium provide the artist with the ability to produce large-scale hyperrealist paintings; she is one of the few artists in Puerto Rico whose artistic careers have been characterized by this style. This micro-vision produced in macro scale, will provide our students and the public the opportunity to study, appreciate and enjoy one of the most important artistic styles of the late twentieth century.”

About the exhibition, artist Cybelle Cartagena says, “This recent artistic production is the series entitled “Tinta en mi piel.” Here, I present the viewer with photorealistic paintings of [details of] my own skin in a “macro” approach. This time, armed with a palette of bright hues and deep blacks, I have done a series where I explore contradictions, beginning with the color palette, formats of the works, and the hyper-reality achieved through technique and the abstraction of the image it addresses.”

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