Art Exhibition: “Hypertext”

Intelligentsia Hypertext

“Hypertext”—a collaboration between The Door and Intelligentsia Gallery—opened on Sunday, April 24, 2016, and is now on view at The Door, in the well-known gallery district 798 in Tokyo (1 House, No. 1 706 Hou Jie, 798, No. 2 Jiu Xian Qiao Lu). Puerto Rican artist Jason Mena is one of the participating artists.

The exhibition includes works by Ma Yongfeng, Deng Dafei, Song Xi, Ren Zhitian, Wu Ding, Yu Bogong, Jeff Miller and Drew Milligan, William Lee, Aoto Oouchi, OOCH, Alessandro Rolandi, Camille Ayme, Elsie Yi Shen, Li Tingwei, Yang Yuanyuan, Florian Kuhlmann, Jason Mena, Christopher Rey Perez, Yu Ying, and Garcia Frankowski.

Description: Hypertext is coding-speak for telescopic links, images, icons and words that interlace with other references, instances, concepts. Hypertext connects via networks and associative trails parallel conceptual universes, hidden theories and potential stories.

Hypertext explores the symbolic, etymologic, philological, semiotic, ideological, and political imperatives of diverse forms of language in an era of hypercommunication. The exhibition presents works employing textuality, both as medium and end, whether through scripts or images, addressing the reader in many tones: aggressively, alertly, politically, subliminally, ironically, humorously, authoritatively, cynically.

Challenging the exhibition format as a space for passive contemplation, Hypertext instead invites the audience to engage in the act of reading. The exhibition space becomes an open book as works function like chapters of an unravelling novel or like components of a cadaver exquis.

Hypertext is both curatorial experiment and literary adventure, looking for Barthes’ pleasure of the text while exploring the endless connections of its hyper-activity.

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