Rita Indiana decries working conditions of Dominican maids


According to Dominican Today, Dominican writer and musician Rita Indiana said in Lima, Peru, on Friday that her literary work is “a bombshell of urgent issues that the Caribbean should address,” such as prostitution or the situation of gays and maids in the Dominican Republic, who live in conditions akin to slavery. Here are excerpts:

Indiana was the only woman among the five finalists of the Bienal de Novela Mario Vargas Llosa, won by Chilean writer Carlos Franzse.

rita00Rita Indiana’s novel, “La mucama de Ominculé” [The Maid of Ominculé] is [. . .] set in 2024 [and steeped in] the Afro-Caribbean religious tradition of Santeria and with a “queer” [. . .] undercurrent.

“I come from a country that exports prostitutes and where sex tourism is very serious and it’s impossible to write without it permeating because it’s a reality you see every day,” she said quoted by EFE. [. . .] Indiana said she deals with the “the issue of the maid” in her work because in her country “there are people living in conditions of slavery, not only as servants but also in the cane fields.” [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/poverty/2016/4/22/59022/Dominican-maids-live-in-conditions-of-slavery-Avant-garde-writer

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