New Film: Gloria Rolando’s “Diálogo con mi abuela” 


Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando (Gloria V. Rolando Casamayor ) will soon premiere her latest film, the documentary Diálogo con mi abuela [Dialogue with My Grandmother] (2016). Diálogo con mi abuela will be screened on April 25, 2016, at the Charles Chaplin Theater in Havana, Cuba. Negra cubana tenía que ser writes about the new documentary and includes Rolando’s own description of the film; here are excerpts (my translation from the Spanish original):

Gloria Rolando has extensive film work on the African and Caribbean roots of Cuban culture and has addressed important events of Cuban history, such as the case of the massacre of the Independents of Color. In 2014, Rolando premiered Reembarque [Reshipment], which focuses on the process of repatriation of Haitian immigrants who were brought to Cuba as cheap labor to work for the sugar industry.

This time, the filmmaker approaches her own family history, starting with the close relationship she had with her grandmother, Inocencia; a testimonial narrative (told in first person) that brings us closer to the everyday life of Cuban women of African descent.

Excerpt of “Diálogo con el espectador” (Afro-Cuba Web, 10 February 2016):

In 1993 I recorded a conversation I had with my grandmother Inocencia, never imagining that this would be the basis of a very particular dialogue. My grandmother’s name was Leonarda Inocencia Armas y Abreu. She was born in 1906 in the city of Santa Clara. She was very proud that her grandchildren had been able to study. She was black and poor, and, at one point, wanted to be a nurse.

“Diálogo con mi abuela” [Dialogue with my grandmother] is an audiovisual work in which I mix documentary elements and a few fictional moments. A dialogue between reality and imagination joined by the poetry of everyday life. Nature (flowers, the forest, tree roots, the leafy Ceiba, the sea, the sky, the sun) is also integrated into the language of “Diálogo con mi abuela,” because each element plays a role in the visual narrative.

See full article and Gloria Rolando’s description of the project (in Spanish) at and

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