Book Launch: Vanessa Droz’s “Las cuatro estaciones-Suite caribeña”


Vanessa Droz’s latest poetry collection Las cuatro estaciones-Suite caribeña [The Four Seasons-Caribbean Suite] will be launched on Wednesday, April 27, at 7:00pm, at the Museum of the Americas [Museo de las Américas @Cuartel de Ballaj] in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The book will be presented by writers Janette Becerra and Cezanne Cardona.

lithoThe book includes a preface by renowned Puerto Rican writer, critic and professor, Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones (Princeton University). It is illustrated with five original lithographs by the poet—four of them related to the four seasons—and her own photographs of the Four Seasons Fountain [Fuente Las cuatro estaciones], located at the Plaza de Armas  [main Parade Square] in Old San Juan.

The following are excerpts from a press release (my translation from the Spanish-language original):

During the activity, the book—which is partly, according to the author, “a sort of tribute to the poetry books of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture”—will be available for sale, as well as portfolios of the Four Seasons hand-printed lithographs. The book has been published in a limited edition of only 300 copies.

In book’s preface, Díaz-Quiñones writes: “It is an author’s book that we can read in the beautiful edition that she herself has designed. With her own artist book, the poet also pays tribute to the already powerful graphic and literary memory—another plot—crafted in the work of Puerto Rican artists such as Rafael Tufiño, José Antonio Torres Martinó, Carlos Marichal, and Lorenzo Homar; and in books Antonio Martorell, Consuelo Gotay, and Raquel Quijano; all of whom have allowed us to see and read poetic texts in a different way.”

Vanessa Droz’s work includes poetry books such as La cicatriz a medias (1982, Editorial Cultural-selected best poetry book of the year by newspaper El Nuevo Día), Vicios de ángeles y otras pasiones privadas (1996, First Prize, Institute of Puerto Rican Culture) and Estrategias de la catedral (2009, finalist of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture’s Poetry Contest); as well as the children’s book Oller pinta para nosotros (2012, Campechada-ICP). In 2008, she received the San Sebastián Prize “for her outstanding work as a writer, journalist and cultural promoter.” Droz’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies at the national and international level.

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