Belize Garinagu mark arrival to Central America

Garifuna Settlement Day

An article by Aaron Humes for Breaking Belize News.

Garifuna Settlement Day in November is the joyous celebration of the ethnic group’s arrival to Belize.

But it was borne out of a bitter day in April, 1797, when the original Black Caribs were loaded on the ship HMS Experiment from Baliceaux, near their home of St. Vincent, and brought to Roatan, Honduras.

From there they spread out to the Central American coast, first landing in Belize by 1802 – and the rest, as they say, is history.

But is it? As Belize’s 10,000-plus Garinagu population mark the solemn occasion of Garifuna Arrival, Survival and Prosperity Day, Garifuna leaders in Belize City warned that the Jewel may be taking the Garifuna for granted.

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