A new play by Caridad Svich based on Julia Álvarez’s novel
Directed by Ricardo Gutiérrez
The Richard Christiansen Theater at The Biograph
2433 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614
April 16-May 22, 2016
Run Time 1:40

Or call Victory Gardens’ Box Office at 773-871-3000

Based on Julia Álvarez’s popular novel, In The Time of the Butterflies, is a fictionalized account of the story of the courageous Mirabal sisters from the Dominican Republic. The sisters inspired resistance cells throughout the country against the dictatorial regime of Gen. Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. The ‘butterflies’, their secret code name, were brutally murdered by the regime in 1960. With immersive video and animation dispersed across the stage, this epic production paints a visual dreamscape of the interior lives of the activist sisters, the beauty and ferocity of the natural world, and the music heard on the radio of the time.

“Caridad Svich has made my book spring to life on stage!

— Julia Álvarez

“‘In the Time of the Butterflies’ is absorbing and gorgeous theatre.

— New York

“An artistic success, a major dramatic accomplishment that turns the theatrical version into the natural and inevitable complement to the novel.

— Hispanic New York

Or call Victory Gardens’ Box Office at 773-871-3000

Friday, May 6 – 7:30pm
Saturday, May 7 – 7:30pm
Sunday, May 8 – 3:00pm
Wednesday, May 11 – 10:00am*
Thursday, May 12 – 7:30pm
Friday, May 13 – 7:30pm
Saturday, May 14 – 7:30pm
Sunday, May 15 – 3:00pm
Wednesday, May 18 – 10:00am*
Thursday, May 19 – 7:30pm
Friday, May 20 – 7:30pm
Saturday, May 21 – 7:30pm
Sunday, May 22 – 3:00pm
*Student Matinee Performances

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