Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez calls for the release of U.S.-jailed spy

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An article by Nora Gámez Torres for The Miami Herald.

Renowned Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez has asked for the release of convicted spy, Ana Belen Montes — a senior analyst at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who is serving a 25-year sentence on charges of spying for the Cuban government.

Rodríguez dedicated a Spanish song titled La Maza to Montes during a concert at La Coruña, Spain, on Friday, and then asked for her release on his blog Segunda Cita.

“The woman… is not Cuban but Puerto Rican,” Rodríguez wrote in his blog. “Her name is Ana Belen Montes and she was a senior officer of the US secret services. When she knew they were going to do something bad to Cuba, she passed the information to us. That is why she is serving decades in prison and, a few years ago, I published here her plea of self-defense. Ana Belen Montes. Not a lot bad things happened to us because of her. Freedom for her.”

Read the full story at InCubaToday.

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