Dominican coffee joins Europe’s high end circle


Recently, the Dominican Republic won the “Valdesia Coffee Protected Designation of Origin,” which designates it as a specialty coffee producer.

Since July Dominican coffee joined the high end circle in the European Union when its cost as a “specialty coffee” category triples.

The jump comes in the heels to Dominican Republic won the “Valdesia Coffee Protected Designation of Origin,” which includes affiliated producers in southern provinces of San Cristóbal, Peravia and San José de Ocoa. The distinction’s provisional notification came last March, after extensive work, while the official direct communication to Dominican authorities of the industry is expected in three months.

There are three types of coffees that have a seal in the European market, according to Dominican Coffee Council (CODOCAFE) executive director José Fermín Nuñez, quoted by

Colombia has one of the labels which is a geographical indication specifying that the coffee is from a site in country X, whereas two Asian nations have the other seals. But only Dominican Republic’s has the world Protected Designation of Origin, registered with the EU, Fermin Nuñez said.

He said the country’s efforts to obtain the registration started in 2013 and will result in more money for coffee growers on higher prices via the category of the coffee exported to that part of the world.

The news comes at a time when Dominican coffee crops show signs of recovery from years under the attacks by pests, blights and the prolonged drought which has stunted agricultural.

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[Photo above by Erik F. Conde.]

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