Cuba Implements Priority Program to Produce Bio-Products

cuba-sanidad-vegetalOn April 12, 2016, Cuba implemented a priority program to produce bio-products, which also includes the construction of three plants, each with a capacity production of 1,000 tons in solid form and 600,000 liters. Prensa Latina reports:

According to experts from the Agriculture Ministry, given the harmful effects on the land and human health of using excessive pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the world has an obligation to replace those products with another biological and environment-friendly products; and Cuba is trying to do so.

Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodriguez, said the first plant was being built close to the headquarters of Labiofam pharmaceutical company, in the municipality of Boyeros, in Havana. He added that the other two plants are under construction in the central and eastern region of the country. The three plants will produce bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants that are intended to meet domestic needs and for export.

These facilities are similar to those built by Cuba, in Tanzania and Ecuador, Rodriguez said during a ceremony held at the National Institute of Plant Health.

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