New electronic format of BMCC/CUNY literary magazine “Échos du Tout-Monde”


Many thanks to Dr. Sophie Maríñez (BMCC/CUNY) for sharing news on the new electronic format of Échos du Tout-Monde (named in honor of Martinican writer, poet and critic Édouard Glissant)—a student-led French-language literary magazine:

The French-Speaking World Club at Borough of Manhattan Community College (City University of New York) is proud to announce the new electronic format of its student-led French literary magazine Échos du Tout-Monde. Already in its fourth year, the magazine was named as such in homage to French Caribbean poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant, who dedicated his life and works (Traité du Tout-Monde, Poétique de la Relation) to honing diversity as a concept to understand the world in which we live. With this title and through its content, the magazine aims to reflect the extraordinary diversity of BMCC’s student body: with over 25,000 students coming from all over the world and from all types of socio-economic, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds, BMCC stands as one of the most diverse schools in the city. As a result, it has recently opened a new Major in Modern Languages with specializations in French, Spanish, and Italian, with the goal of harnessing this diversity and offering new options to students who wish to perfect their command of one of these languages, develop analytical skills, and expand their professional options. Students majoring in French are particularly encouraged to become editors of future issues of the magazine and/or contribute stories, poems, and essays around a special topic.

Over the past four years, Échos du Tout-Monde has been dedicated to Voyages, Haiti, Quebec, and the role of the French language in our lives. Our next issue will be dedicated to Perspectives on Women in the Francophone World. It will also feature a special section titled “Le Coin de CUNY” with contributions by students from other CUNY campuses.

For inquiries, contact founder-editor Prof. Sophie Maríñez at

See the magazine in the following links:

Special issue: Le Français et moiÉchos2016_web.pdf

Special Issue: Le QuébecÉchos_Year3_2014-2015.pdf

Special Issue: HaitiÉchos_Year2_2013-2014.pdf

Special Issue: VoyagesÉchos_Year1_2012-2013.pdf


[Image above: “Les naufragés,” painting by Ludovic Booz.]

2 thoughts on “New electronic format of BMCC/CUNY literary magazine “Échos du Tout-Monde”

  1. Bravo, Prof. Sophie Marinez! J’aime que les étudiants participent au projet et c’est aussi un bel héritage pour les générations à venir.

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