Caribbean films at the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016


A post by Peter Jordens.

The following Caribbean feature films will be screened at the 5th Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam (CIFFR), April 6-10, 2016:

2 Bellezas [3 Beauties]

Carlos Caridad-Montero, Venezuela, 2014, 97 min.

El abrazo de la seriente [Embrace of the Serpent]

Ciro Guerra, Colombia, 2015, 122 min.

Antes que cante el gallo [Before the Rooster Crows]

Arí Manuel Cruz, Puerto Rico, 2015, 97 min.

Ayiti mon amour [Haiti My Love]

Guetty Felin, Haiti, 2016, 88 min


Vía Crucis: Un Viernes Santo inolvidable [An Unforgettable Good Friday]

Harold De Vasten, Colombia, 2016, 97 min.

Mi ta hasi mi kos [I Do My Own Thing]

Wilma Ligthart, Curaçao, 2016, 56 min.

A orillas del mar [By the Sea]

Bladimir Abud, Dominican Republic, 2016, 76 min.

Presos [Imprisoned]

Esteban Ramírez, Costa Rica, 2015, 97 min.


Antes que cante el gallo, Ayiti mon amour, Vía Crucis and A orillas del mar, along with Dar Noir (Ethiopia) are nominated for the Festival’s Yellow Robin Award.

Caribbean short films at CIFFR 2016 are:

From Dirt

Hester Jonkhout, Curaçao, 2015, 12 min.

Heart of a Monster

Damian Marcano, Trinidad and Tobago / Curaçao, 2016, 15 min.

CIFFR’s website is

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