Queerness and Fashion in the Rural Caribbean

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Carlos Rodriguez’s photographs elaborate on the unique styles of the fashion designer Jose Duran, The Advocate reports. Working in tandem, the two artists gather inspiration from a common territory: questioning traditional understandings of gender identity and representation. They both create new ways of interpreting sexuality markers inscribed in the body.

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On this occasion, the photographer and fashion designer team up to style and capture in film the fierce essence of Scarlett Dosamantes — her name translates to English as Scarlett Twolovers. Scarlet is a trans beauty pageant-winner in the province of Moca, Dominican Republic. The images were taken in her Moca home, where she has garnered a great deal of respect and love from a community that wouldn’t traditionally understand trans experiences. These photographs of Scarlett have circulated several exhibitions in numerous galleries of the Dominican Republic.

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