Nature Foundation tackles invasive green iguana


The St. Maarten Nature Foundation has embarked on a strategic partnership with the Caribbean Amerindian Organization to come to solutions for some of the invasive species issues facing St. Maarten, particularly as it pertains to the invasive green iguana, Today’s XSM reports.

Since its introduction that particular species of Iguana has caused the extinction of the local Lesser Antillean Iguana and has since overrun the island and has become a nuisance.

“We have the honor and a pleasure of working with the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (Cado) in addressing some of the environmental issues we commonly share. Indigenous Amerindian knowledge, wisdom which comes from thousands of years of close spiritual contact with the land and sea, is crucial in understanding our environment on the island, in the wider Caribbean and in the Americas,” Nature Foundation manager Tadzio Bervoets said in a press statement.

“The first project we have embarked upon is a program to investigate and come to a solution regarding the prevalence of invasive iguanas on St. Maarten. These animals have been affecting local vegetation and have become a nuisance. Through working with indigenous peoples from the Americas, together with our own scientific research, we hope to come to a management of the invasive species.”

“Our strategic partnership with the Nature Foundation of Sint Maarten is the only one with a wildlife foundation in the Caribbean, because it is the most active one in the entire region,” says Damon Corrie, Cado’s director and founder.

There is a second reason for the partnership [too: “Because human rights are part and parcel of the rest of the natural world,” Corrie says. “And whatever concerns the flora and fauna of the Caribbean also concerns the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean who were the first human custodians and beneficiaries of it.”

The Nature Foundation is asking the public to contact it if they have significant issues with invasive iguanas on their property. Call 544 42 67 or email

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