Cuban cinema mourns death of filmmaker Rogelio París

fot2505Cuban cinema mourns death of director and writer Rogelio París (1936-2016), known for Nosotros la música (1964), Caravana (1990), and Amasando estrellas (1999), among others.

París, who died on Monday (March 28, 2016) in Havana, began working in 1959 as a director and screenwriter for television programs and five years later joined the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

Among his important films is La huella del hombre (notes on Cuban culture during 1959-1985), which has become an iconic cinematic account of cultural developments in the first 25 years of the Cuban Revolution.

During his career, París made numerous documentaries and feature films with epic themes, including Caravana (1990) [. . .] and Kangamba (2008). In 2009 he was awarded the Special Category of Professor of Merit for his work as head instructor of filmmaking at the School of Film, Radio and Television of the Higher Institute of Art [Facultad de Cine, Radio y Televisión del Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA)]. [. . .]

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