31st Caribbean Trophy—Martinique


In the world of cycling, the 31st Caribbean Trophy [31e Trophée de la Caraïbe] is taking place from March 24 to 27, 2016, in Ducos, Martinique, which launches the cyclist racing season. Among the invited delegations are riders from Guyana, the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe (Union sportive Lamentinoise de Guadeloupe), the Défense Club (France), and another selection of the Caribbean. The race began today (Thursday, March 24, at 2:00pm).

Organized by the l’Étoile Cycliste Ducossais, this competition will bring together 130 cyclists this year.

In the squad of familiar faces, there is Ronald Gonzales, the winner of the 2015 edition. This season he wears the colors of the Union Cycliste Spiritaine alongside two other experienced riders, Emile Demazy and Mikaël Laurent. We should also follow the Guadeloupe team with Flober Pena Pena, and the Défense team with Gregor Kwiatowski.

During the four days of competition people may notice changes that have come about with input from Venezuelans and Colombians in the Martinican cycling world.

[Photo by ROLAND CINRAUL 130 cyclists at the start of the 31e edition at Ducos.]

For full article, see http://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/martinique/le-trophee-de-la-caraibe-est-le-premier-rendez-vous-international-de-la-saison-343581.html

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