A Caribbean Potluck of Awesomeness

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.13.08 AM.png

Caribbean Potluck,the cookbook co-authored by Jamaican sisters Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau, has been named by well-respected magazine Essence as one of 15 Awesome Cookbooks Written by Black Women, Jamaica’s Observer reports.

Indeed, the cookbook is listed in number six position.

“Everyone loves a good Caribbean meal,” explains writer Ni’ Kesia Pannell, ”and award-winning sister chefs Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau give you just that in their co-authored cookbook Caribbean Potluck. Offering up some of your favourite restaurant recipes that deliver unique tastes and flavours, this book of 100 + recipes gives you everything from lighter options such as soups and salads to the more hardcore meals that will make you pull out the wickedest patois or Trini accent imaginable.”

This Essence nod should definitely get Caribbean Potluck in lots more homes, schools and restaurants. Good news all around, we reckon, for these outstanding culinary sisters.

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