Puerto Rican Film Pulled From Theaters after Plagiarism Controversy


Andrew S. Vargas (Remezcla) writes about a recent controversy surrounding a film directed by Eduardo Ortiz. He has been accused of plagiarism for his recent release, Vasos de papel [Paper Cups], which closely follows the plot of 1985 romantic comedy called Secret Admirer. Ortiz—also known as Transfor—has also directed other comedies such as Los Domirriqueños (2015), ¡Qué Despelotón! (as Transfor Ortiz, 2014), ¡Que Joyitas! II (2013), ¡Qué Joyitas! (2011), ¡Qué Despelote! La película (2010), among others. Here are excerpts of the article, which includes trailers for Vasos de papel and Secret Admirer.

As of early this year, director Eduardo “Transfor” Ortiz had secured his place in the island’s cinematic history books for directing Borinquén’s biggest-ever box office success, Los Domirriqueños, but the veteran director was clearly not content stopping there. While Los Domirriqueños was still racking up the box office receipts across the island, Ortiz’s latest commercial comedy Vasos de papel hit local theaters this past February 18.

At first all seemed to be going well, and Transfor Ortiz was poised to be the face of Puerto Rico’s nascent cinematic boom. That is, until someone dug up a rather obscure 1985 romantic comedy entitled Secret Admirer and found that Ortiz had shamelessly ripped off the film’s structure, dialogue, and even the shots used for each scene. While local critics have gone so far as to claim that 95% of the film is directly ripped off from Secret Admirer, we cannot confirm the extent of the similarities.

However, island filmgoers have vehemently denounced Ortiz’s dirty play, and the film’s young star, Alejandra Lugo, has publicly expressed her disappointment and renounced any association with the feature. To date, Secret Admirer‘s aging screenwriters have apparently taken no legal action, but Ortiz has begrudgingly accepted some vague similarities and removed the film from theaters — allegedly to “protect” the crew and actors who were unfairly caught up in the controversy. [. . .]

[Many thanks to Teo Freytes for bringing this item to our attention.]

For full article, see http://remezcla.com/film/puerto-rican-film-vasos-de-papel-pulled-from-theaters-after-plagiarism-controversy/

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